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The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC) has been appointed as the designated Employer Representative Body (ERB) for the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) for both Berkshire and Oxfordshire by the Secretary of State for Education.

Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) are a nationwide initiative, funded by Department for Education, with the purpose of putting employers at the heart of post-16 technical education and training to help address skills, recruitment and workforce development challenges. Post-16 technical education encompasses training for individuals aged 16 to retirement, whether they are employed, seeking upskilling opportunities, or re-joining the workforce.

To enable change, which will benefit the local labour market, the Berkshire LSIP will work closely with education and training providers to help develop and deliver what the regional economy needs in terms of skills provision, enabling us to drive change with actionable solutions. Working with other key stakeholders we will endeavour to reach businesses far and wide throughout Berkshire.

The Local Skills Improvement Plan Will;
  • Identify knowledge, skills and behaviour shortages in the workplace
  • Develop an understanding of existing post-16 technical education and training in Berkshire
  • Communicate the employer’s voice loudly and coherently at the national level and influence future training provision at the local level
  • Find out if the existing education and training provisions align with employer’s skills needs
  • Develop long lasting structures to put employers at the centre of the skills solution
  • Develop pragmatic, tangible solutions that will directly, positively impact on employers, industry and business

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group is the voice of business in the Thames Valley, on behalf of micro to multinational organisations, we aim to ensure the employer’s voice is heard to help drive better economic conditions and new opportunities for all. Through our recognised centre of excellence for global trade and inward investment, we provide services that promote and create opportunities for the Thames Valley business community. We do this whilst protecting trade and the local/national economic environment. We offer local engagement, regional representation and global opportunity.

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